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Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Civic Avenue Early Learning welcome all children and families within our community. We aim to make their experience memorable, fun and educational. Our professional, caring team of educators are dedicated to building strong connections and relationships with children and families. Our educators will constantly reflect, collaborate and look at ways in which they can improve and strive for excellence.

We encourage a team approach to children’s individual development and learning; therefore, we are committed to creating collaborative partnerships with our families. We understand the importance of establishing honest and genuine relationships and working together to ensure the best outcomes for children are achieved. Partnerships will be extended to the wider community creating networks and community links for the benefit of families and children in our care.

We will develop each child’s sense of “Being, Belonging and Becoming” ensuring that we cover the five learning outcomes of The Early Years Learning Framework. We will support this by providing play spaces of natural and manufactured materials that are reflective of the world, the community, the child, the family, imaginary and the creative. Our holistic and flexible educational programs focus on children’s interests, individual strengths and learning through play. Our educators will guide and support children’s learning through an emergent curriculum, they will provide time, space and resources for children to discover, explore and engage.

We believe that every child has the right to grow and develop in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where children can achieve their personal best in all areas of the curriculum. We will abide by the Child Safe Standards at all times and be responsive to each child’s needs. We will encourage each child to be kind, confident, resilient and creative. We value children as active and competent learners and provide them with opportunities to develop self-help skills and independence as appropriate to develop a strong sense of self.

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We acknowledge and respect children’s and family cultures, values and beliefs and aim to provide experiences and information so that our service and programs are inclusive and cater for all individuals.

We understand the importance of promoting a sustainable environment and community. We consider environmental issues such as conservation of water, recycling and implementing a garden to plate program. We have a Sustainability Officer that is responsible for mentoring our team and educating our families and children on environmentally friendly and sustainable practises and projects.

Educators will promote positive guidance through role modelling, redirection and giving children clear guidelines and expectations. Where appropriate children will be involved in decision-making and the limit setting process. Through Professional Development, Educators will further extend on their skills and knowledge and are encouraged to share this with their Co Educators.

We provide a nutritiously balanced menu that allows children the opportunity to sample new foods and experience a wide range of cultural meals.  Our menus are developed in consultation with a nutritionist and provide 50% of the recommended daily intake of nutrients. We believe in providing calm, mealtimes allowing children the opportunity to converse and enjoy the company of others while eating.

Civic Avenue Early Learning is committed to becoming a leader in Early Childhood Education and Care.  Our service and team of educators will work towards the exceeding elements of the National Quality Standards.  Our Management Team and Educational Leader will mentor, support and assist our team to be the best they can.  Critical reflection and professional development will be ongoing to keep up to date with industry changes, challenge, educate and to enhance our service, our educators, our programs and skills.

In conclusion, we aim to provide a personal, happy, family atmosphere where parents, community members and organisations will feel welcome and encouraged to participate whenever possible to bridge the gap between home, the service and the community.